Secret of making chewy meat-like tofu

I"ve written about the secrets of preparing good tofu before. This simple procedure makes tofu crave-worthy. And it means you don't get stuck with tofu going bad in your fridge.

I think of this like ice-chipping- where freezing helps the tofu release all that extra water. Without its excess water it bakes up light and chewey and is much more spongey- will take on a lot more flavor or sauce than straight out of the package.

And this totally beats the "press your tofu under a plate" method which is messy and not as effective.

Best Tofu Ever Method:
  1. Purchase extra firm tofu. Firm will work if you can't get "extra firm".  Get the better brands (this method helps texture but can't fix a funky flavor if you bought low quality tofu).  Consider organic as soybeans are likely to be GMO otherwise.
  2. Drain the liquid from the package. Seal tofu back up or put in a container. 
  3. Place in freezer.
  4. Once frozen, thaw in fridge.
  5. Once thawed, squeeze out remaining liquid over sink.
  6. Cut tofu into chunks.
  7. Now cook with it. Two options:
    1. Roast plain or with olive oil and salt. Optional add other spices. Make sure you get some salt in there-- tofu needs salt! Then use the roasted cubes in salad, wrap sandwiches, tofu palak or any other dish where you'd brown the meat first. Or use instead of croutons on salad (the texture is pretty good for a crouton, and if you season like one then you're all set).
    2. Stick the frozen/thawed tofu into your favorite recipe and cook as usual.

Recipe idea: sub in tofu cubes instead of the traditional paneer Indian cheese in Palak Paneer, to make Tofu Palak. Use the method above (instead of frying) to get the tofu nice and chewy. Proceed with rest of the recipe.

Here is the interior of the tofu- you can see the long meat-like strands that give it great texture:

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