Fried Fish Taco

I forgot how much I love tacos. And you can get by without using a ton of oil either.

Fish Tacos for Two (people):
Prep the sides first so they are ready the moment the fish is done and hot.

Sliced avocado or gaucamole
Thin shredded red cabbage
Cotjia cheese
Salsa and or tomatoes
Onion slices

Cut 0.5 lb cod into large bite sized chunks. Dip in beaten eggs, then in panko bread crumbs.

Fry over high heat in a tablespoon of peanut oil (or another oil with high smoke point- don't use olive oil). Use a pan that can withstand high heat (i.e. not "non stick).

Flip when the bottom gets golden brown. Check frequently to make sure the insides of the pieces are cooked through.

Assemble a warmed tortilla with lettuce, cabbage, and all the fixings along with a couple pieces of hot fish. Eat immediately.

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