Almond Goiji Cacao Cookies

These are spectacular energy snacks, straight out of the freezer. Dairy free, gluten free, wheat free, sugar free, raw cookies. Make vegan by using agave.

Combine in large bowl:
4.5 C almond meal or ground almonds in food processor
1.5 C almond butter
3/4 tea salt

9 TB agave or raw honey (0.5 C + 1 TB)
6 TB vanilla extract or seeds from 3+ vanilla beans (0.25 C + 2 TB = 3/8 C)

3/4 C goji berries
9 TB cacao nibs (0.5C + 1 TB)

Shape into bite-sized balls. Freeze on a cookie sheet. Transfer to a bag or container and store in freezer.