Shiso Chia Lemonade

I'm a fan of shiso, the Japanese herb otherwise know as "perilla". I have a red shiso plant in the yard (since you can't find decent shiso in stores!) and decided to use it for an herby lemonade drink. This is more like lemon water, but you could add agave or sugar to make it sweeter.

Shiso Chia Lemonade
Blend 2-4 leaves red shiso with 1-2 C water and 1 TB of lemon juice

Strain and discard shiso fibers. 

Add 1 tea chia seeds, stir and let chia soak in the liquid, about 5- 10 minutes.



Lori said...

Lavender chia lemonade would be good too!!

Tammy said...

Ooo!! But from what I've learned, better to infuse the lavender than to blend it up (blending/cutting makes it too medicinal flavor).