Picnic Food

With some spring-y weather just around the corner, I've begun swooning over picnic foods!

Cold Salads:
potato salad
tomato, baby mozerella salad with salt, pepper, rosemary/basil and olive oil
baby spinach salad with bacon, almonds, soy/sesame dressing

Finger Foods:
deviled eggs
cheese & crackers, or goat cheese spread with crackers
salami (Whole Foods and New Seasons sell good quality nitrate free salami)
Chips with salsa & guacamole

Sandwiches & Rolls:
deli meat on rolls with lettuce, tomatoes, avocadoes
eggplant spread with tomato jam & mozerella on multigrain (inspired by Lovejoy Bakery)
asian salad rolls (on rice paper) with herbs, lettuce, tofu, sprouts, carrot shreds

Jasmine tea with lemon and agave syrup
Tazo Passion hibiscus tea with agave
Fruited tea (black tea heated slightly with strawberries, brandy soaked grapes, other fruits)
sparkling rhubarb spritzer
natural cream soda or root beer (Virgil's brand makes good stuff!)
Honeywood Oregon berry wine

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