Japanese "American Style" Salad & American Clubhouse Restaurant

While in Japan, I learned to love several new food things. Surprisingly, many of them came from an "American" restaurant, the American Clubhouse in Toritsu-Daigaku neighborhood. They are known for their ribs, which converted me from a rib-hater to a rib-lover. Seriously, crunchy salty soy sauce exterior on succulent marinated rib meat.... simply heaven. The American Clubhouse is also known for its amazing "appuru pai" (apple pie) which is more like apple tart in phyllo pastry dough- another favorite!

First off, Japanese "wafu" salad dressing is amazing. Salty, rich, and amazing over spinach. I had no clue how easy it was until my host mother told me "it's just soy sauce and sesame oil".

Wafu Dressing
1 part soy sauce (low sodium is my choice)
1 part sesame oil ('toasted' if you can get it this way)
Sprinkle of black pepper

Combine in a container and shake until the oil and soy sauce are emulsified. Drizzle over greens, especially spinach.

At the restaurant, they combine bacon, almonds, spinach and some version of wafu dressing. Delicious!

My version had thinly sliced red pepper added to the mix, and romaine instead of spinach.

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