Sweet Lemon Salad (vegan)

I fell in love with this salad from the Sweet Lemon vegan bistro restaurant, and I find myself always wanting to eat more than even the large portion size.  I think I'm finally getting close to their delicious salad.

Make cucumber silken tofu dressing.

Marinate 1 - 1.5 C dry soy curls in hot water with 1 TB soy sauce. Let sit and rehydrate for 5-10 minutes. Strain out excess moisture.

Shred carrots

Wash, dry and chop lettuce

Preheat a saute pan on high. Once hot, add 1 TB coconut oil and swirl to coat pan.

Add the soy curls. Let cook on each side until browning a bit.

Add 1-2 TB soy sauce, little bit of rice vinegar and a little bit of brown sugar. Toss to coat.  Use a little hot water on the pan if the soy curls are sticking too much, scrape up the browned bits.  Once warmed through and a little crispy in spots, pour out into a bowl.

Arrange salads with lettuce, carrot shreds, generous globs of dressing and top with the hot soy curls.

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