Mashed Sweet Potatoes

I was surprised how easy and tasty these were. My hubby sometimes thinks sweet potatoes are too sweet, but he liked these. I think that's b/c the fat and cream tempered the sweetness just a little bit.  He isn't eating nightshades (tomato, potato, chile) right now as part of an elimination diet experiment, so sweet potatoes were perfect. 

They reheat well (in slow cooker, or I imagine the microwave would be fine) so these may be showing up in packed lunches soon! I served these for Thanksgiving and used the slow cooker to reheat them for serving time.

You could make this vegan by using coconut cream, thick almond milk or soy milk.  Hubby is avoiding nuts, legumes and anything canned at the moment, so I went for the dairy cream.

Peel 2.5 lbs sweet potatoes (use the peels for something else like dehydrated chips, or compost 'em).  Cut into uniform 1/4" slice/dice.

In a lidded saute pan, combine the sweet potato slices along with:
2-4 TB coconut oil
2 TB whipping cream

Stir and cover with lid. It will look dry but that's ok, the sweet potatoes will leach their own water as they cook down.

Cook on low heat for 35- 40 minutes or until sweet potatoes break down/soften.  

Mash with a fork.

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