Cauliflower Pizza Dough (Gluten free)

 I followed this recipe from green kitchen stories. I love how the resulting pizza didn't have any wheat and was made of real nutrient dense food like eggs, almonds and cauliflower.  And it's a great way to use up the cauliflower! Of course it's not quite like real pizza but I think it could be a stand in for when I want a real-food version. 

I use my home canned tomato sauce and then topped with Kerrygold cheese, mushrooms, tomatoes and basil.

The pizza itself stuck pretty badly to the baking sheet- next time I would try parchment paper.

Since I ground my own almonds, the dough was a little too wet, so I added approx 1/4 C coconut flour to get it to stick together. Next time I'll try to use real almond flour from the store (not ground in the food processor).  Coconut flour is super absorbent, so if you ever have this issue of too-wet try out coconut flour!

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