Egg Drop Soup

I've always enjoyed egg drop soup at Chinese restaurants, and lately I've been hankering for American style Chinese food (weird huh!).   I think the key to this soup is keeping it simple and using really good broth (I make mine in a pressure cooker).  Also pay attention to the temperature of the liquid when you start working with the egg.

Chop up veggies into small pieces (so they cook faster):
optional other veggies
optional cooked rice or other cooked grain 

Bring 4 C of very good/thick chicken broth up to a simmer and cook vegetables until soft. Add quick cooking veggies like frozen green peas or optional frozen corn.

Season the broth with ginger powder, white pepper, salt, 1 tea sesame oil and optional soy sauce and/or garlic.

Beat 3-4 eggs.  When the broth/soup is at a simmer, slowly pour beaten eggs in a thin stream while stirring the pan-- the result is you'll get a spiral of eggs. Turn of heat.  Let it sit for 20 seconds for the egg to cook, then gently break up pieces of eggs.

Serve immediately.

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