Streamlined Chana Dal (using frozen cooked chickpeas)

This is a streamlined version of an older chickpea curry I've made, but looks about the same as the old photo (see older post here).  This time I use already cooked (and frozen) chickpeas that I made up in the slow cooker. All and all this can be made in less than half an hour, just remember to get the rice cooker going when you start!

Saute 2 diced onions until browned (15-20 minutes) in olive oil or ghee with salt.

Add 1-2 inches chopped peeled ginger, 3-5 peeled cloves garlic, stir until fragrant.  Pull off heat, puree with a little water. Reserve.

Meanwhile, puree 2-3 tomatoes. Set aside.

In hot pan with oil, warm up 1 tea cumin seeds and 1 tea mustard seeds for 30 seconds. Add the following powdered spices and stir to coat, 30 seconds.
1 tea turmeric
1/2 tea garam masala
1 to 1.5 tea coriander power
1/2 tea ground black pepper
3/4 tea mango powder (amchur) (you may need more amchur if your tomatoes are very sweet)

Add 2 C cooked and frozen chickpeas with 2 TB water and stir to incorporate the frond on bottom of pan. Cook until chickpeas are defrosted.

Add back pureed onion mix and pureed tomatoes. Taste and add additional salt as needed (amount will depend on if your chickpeas were cooked with salt).

Serve over steamed basmati rice.

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