Vegan Sag Aloo (creamy greens & potatoes)

I love any Indian dish with spinach it seems, so when I came accross a recipe for a vegan sag aloo in "Chloe's Kitchen" I knew I had to try it! This is very light but satisfying- you wouldn't even know it is vegan/dairy free!

Also it cooked up fast because you boil the potatoes- one those are done then you throw everything in a large skillet. 

This is an excellent way to use up greens from the farmer's market.  Spinach, mustard greens, swiss chard... anything that is light and leafy (avoid heavy greens like collards) should work great.

Cut 1-3 C potatoes into bite-sized chunks, boil potato chunks until done. I like waxy potatoes like yukon gold or red potatoes.

Chop 1 large bunch of greens into pieces the size of a dime or smaller. I used swiss chard (stems removed). Spinach, mustard greens or any leafy greens from the farmer's market would work (except collards which I suspect are too think). The food processor is great at this.

Blend 1/4 C raw cashews with 1/4 C water in high speed blender until creamy. Set aside.

Now we're ready to cook.  Pour 1 TB olive oil in hot saucepan. Add and cook for 30 seconds:
1 tea mustard seeds
1.5 tea ground cumin
1.5 tea ground coriander
1.5 tea garam masala
1 TB grated ginger
2-3 cloves garlic, minced

Optional: If you are light on potatoes or have mushrooms sitting around, you can dump up to 1 C sliced mushrooms in at this point.

Dump in the chopped greens, stir.  After 30 seconds add the cooked potato and cashew cream. Stir and warm through over low-medium heat. 

Add salt to taste and 3/4 tea amchoor powder (sour dried mango- or substitute lemon juice).

Serve with roasted Indian cauliflower peas (pictured), brown basmati rice, parathas or chapati bread. 

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