Whole Wheat Chapati Bread

These are scrumptious for breakfast (served with steamed broccoli, cuke slices etc.) Also good for a sandwich, wrapped like a pita. From what I can tell chapatis are the same as roti (?)-- maybe it is just differences in regional names, or perhaps there really is a difference! Either way these are great indian breads.

NOTES: Use the following amounts for 6 chapatis, or double for 12 chapati breads. Use a high quality, fresh whole wheat flour dough, like Bob's Red Mill brand.

Combine 1.5 C whole wheat flour, 1/2 tea salt, 3/4 C warm water. Knead into dough. Let dough rest for 4 hours +.

Cut into 6 pieces (about golf ball size). Flatten each piece until it's about 6" diameter. Store between sheets of wax paper (they will stick back to each other!)

Heat large flat pan until hot. Add tiny bit of oil or ghee to grease the pan. Lay the bread dough on the hot pan- let set for a minute or two until it realses from the pan - you can use a scraper to get it off in one piece.

Flip over to the other side-- cook until it's no longer doughy but doesn't have to be all the way done yet.

Using tongs, hold over gas flame to puff up and finish toasting the breads.

Serve with ghee/butter and spice mix (penzey's turkish spice blend is delicious on these!)

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