Simple Pineapple Fried Rice (vegan)

A simpler version of pineapple fried rice, with fewer spices and omitting the egg. This is a great "clean out the fridge" recipe as you can add most any veggie to it!

Saute 1 C onion slices in oil until starting to brown. Add 1 -2 tea minced garlic, stir. Add 2 C sliced mushrooms and let them release their juices.

1-2 C thinly sliced and chopped green cabbage
Optional: any other veggies, thinly sliced (carrot, celery, etc)

Add spices/liquid and stir:
White pepper
soy sauce
1 tea lime juice

Toss 1-3 C leftover cooked rice (brown rice is good but any will work- leftover/cold rice is best) with 1 TB sesame oil, braking up lumps. Dump rice into pan and stir.

Add and stir:
Green peas (frozen is fine)

Stir occasionally over high heat until some of the rice on the bottom starts to brown.

Serve hot with thin sliced scallion and sesame seeds.

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