Baking Stone Thin Crust Pizza

This makes an excellent pizza dough- crispy with bubbles! From Heidi's mention of Peter Reinhart in this recipe. All whole wheat flour was used in these photos and it was really good! Of course you can use white flour-- FYI in a previous batch using all white flour, I got more bubbles.

Each of the 6 balls of dough from this recipe makes a medium size pizza of 4 slices.  I generally serve 1 pizza per person along with a side salad since the dough is thin and the toppings are light.  Balsamic vinaigrette is a great choice for the salad.

Mix in a large bowl:
4.5 C (20.25 ounces) bread or all purpose flour (chilled)
1.75 tea salt
1 tea instant yeast

Now add liquids, mix with hands to combine.
1/4 C olive oil
1.75 C water, ice cold

Knead until it can form a ball. Split into 6 pieces and store in the fridge (individually wrapped) for at least overnight.

When ready, pull out of fridge, shape into a disc and let rest at room temp for 30-75 minutes.

Start preheating baking stone in oven, 500 F.

Roll dough out to 1/8 inch thickness with rolling pin on flour-dusted surface.

Spoon tomato/pasta sauce lightly.

Put toppings on. Cook for 5-7 min directly on baking stone.

Topping ideas

Tomato Mushroom:
thin tomato slices
thinly sliced mushrooms
sliced parmesan

black pepper
kalamata olive halves
crumbled feta

thin sliced red onion

Baby spinach
Portobello mushroom (or cremini)
Goat cheese crumbles
Black olives (optional)

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