What to do with egg yolks or whites and leftover eggs

I tend to make recipes where you use part of the egg and you end up with extras left over! Here is a collection of ways to use extra eggs.

Ways to use any leftover eggs (yolks or whites):
  1. Use extra eggs in an omlette, quiche, fritata, or scrambled eggs. You can even use the cooked eggs/fritata in a sandwich like Lovejoy Bakery's fritata sandwich. Or in eggy quesadillas.
  2. french toast batter
  3. bread pudding batter

Ways to use egg YOLKS:
  1. Mix extra yolks into sweet/rich bread doughs, like cinnamon rolls, brioche, crescent rolls
  2. Add to pudding, like earl grey pudding, tapioca or chocolate pudding before cooking
  3. pastry cream
  4. Add to yellow cake for richness
  5. souffles
  6. lemon curd or lemon bars or these strawberry lemon bars

Ways to use egg WHITES:
  1. meringues: mini meringue cookies, meringue topping for pie or baked alaska
    1. meringue cookies: whip until foamy, then slowly add 1/4 C powdered sugar for each egg white and 1/2 tsp baking powder, whip until stiff peaks. Then spoon onto parchment lined baking sheet, bake 250 F for 1 hour and then let rest in turned off oven for a couple hours to dry. 
  2. marshmallows
  3. coconut macaroons
  4. coating nuts, like coconut roasted almonds
  5. egg wash over rolls and breads or cookies
  6. beaten to peaks and added to waffle batter
  7. beaten to peaks and added to white cakes like lavender cake, milk tea cupcakes, angel food, roll cakes, or chiffon cakes

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