Ways to use old bread

Don't throw it out! May be able to spritz with water and microwave to (partially) revive. Or if it's too stale for that, make:
  1. crutons/croutons: great for punching up salad, tossing over soup, eating out of hand like chex mix
  2. bread crumbs: use for breaded goat cheese or for breading and baking fish (breaded cod) or chicken
  3. bread pudding: see bagel bread pudding or molasses bread pudding- you can really sub any type of bread in, just be careful about breads with garlic or strong herbs
  4. sauces
  5. bread salad: tomato salad with chunks of bread that soak up the tomato juice and dressing
  6. dips: Lori's heavenly roasted red pepper dip

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