Yakiniku (Japanese pan fried beef)

This is super simple and very delicious. You can cook enough for 2 people in under 5 minutes. This is another classic adapted from Hiroko Shimbo. It is great with a little rice, and steamed broccoli, or daikon salad. I topped the rice here with a vegetable furikake.

Buy or have your butcher prepare:
0.5 pound sukiyaki or yakiniku beef (beef cuck-eye, sliced paper thin, but not necessarily as thin as the shabu-shabu beef)

Combine and set aside:
1/4 C sake
1/4 C soy sauce
3 TB sugar

Heat a flat skillet (larger the better) to medium high heat. Cook the beef in batches:

1. lay beef in hot pan, let cook 1 minute

2. drizzle sauce mixture and let it bubble up around the beef, turn beef over to other side, let cook additional 30 seconds or until done.

3. dish out beef and cover until you are done with all the batches

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