DIY Dijon Mustard

I realized this has been sitting in my drafts folder for a while!  And all this time I've been enjoying my home made mustard. 

Why make mustard? It's pretty simple and inexpensive, but the biggest reason is that all the mustard I've seen in the supermarket has crazy additives.  Even the fancy Plochman's mustard which I loved uses "natural flavoring". Now that I've learned more about "natural flavoring" I am avoiding them.  And making my own mustard is just one way to do that!

This could easily be vegan by using maple syrup or agave instead of the honey. I use a local honey that is scrumptious!  I stopped buying mass produced grocery store honey and I like the taste better and it's better for the bees too (most commercial bee keeping operations take all the bees' honey and give them sugar water to eat, instead of the bees eating some of their own honey to sustain them over the winter).


Mix and let sit overnight:
1/4 C apple cider vinegar
1/4 C mustard seeds
1/8 C beer (flat is fine)

Next day, pour the soaked solution into food processor. Add:
1/4 tea fine sea salt
2.5 to 3 teaspoons honey

Pulse until slightly blended but there are still some intact seeds left.

Store in a lidded glas container (squatty half pint canning jars are great for this) in the fridge for several months. I think mine's been in there for 6 months? As long as it's not moldy and smells and tastes ok I figure I'm good. Vinegar is a good natural preservative. 

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