DIY Tabasco sauce (fermented chili sauce)

Growing up I never understood the concept of "pickled peppers" (from the pied piper nursery rhyme). It didn't make any sense until I tried making tabasco sauce... and realized I had a jar of chile peppers pickling in my own kitchen. I was inspired by lots of people on the internet making tabasco, particularly Rob Welsh.

Wash and dry a lot of chile peppers. I had anchos, poblano, mole and chilaca peppers from the farmer's market.

Cut peppers in half and remove and discard seeds and membrane

Pack chile halves into large half gallon glass jar. I put the various colors together in layers to make it easier to make them into different colored sauces later.

Mix up 1 quart distilled or filtered water with 2-3 TB salt.  Pour over the peppers in the jar.  Weight with a smaller glass jar as needed to cover the peppers (don't want them peeking up above the water level).  Cover with paper towel or lint free kitchen towel and secure with rubber band (this is to keep flies out while fermenting).

Let it ferment for approx 10 days.  My jar didn't have any foam or stuff to scrape off (unlike fermented pickles which foam for the first couple days). If yours does, just skim it off and recover.

Once ready (I tasted one and it had a good flavor), strain off the soaking liquid into a bowl.  I blended each variety of pepper separately to maintain their colors (red and green don't blend into a lovely color).
I experimented with adding some garlic and white wine vinegar to some of the batches, and using the fermenting liquid for other batches.

Pour chili sauce into glass jars, put on lids. Store in the fridge. I'd imagine these keep for a while? But I don't know until I try! I noticed that it was separating the solids from liquids so I think a good shake of the jar before using from the fridge will be good.

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