Veggie Omlette Sandwich

This is a great vegetarian sandwich for your next picnic.  I like how you can use the stuff in your fridge (or freezer in the case of our bread!) to make a sandwich, instead of feeling like you have to buy deli meat or pick up a sub sandwich. And since you have protein and fats from egg, avocado and goat these, this feels like a "real mans" sandwich.

Since it has egg, I'd try to keep it in the cooler as long as possible (i.e. probably not your top pick for smooshing into a backpack for a multi hour hike).

Makes 2 large sandwiches

Cook the eggs: heat a cast iron pan, then swirl in some olive oil to coat.  Beat 4 eggs with salt, pepper and some dried or fresh herbs (I used Penzey's Parisien spice). Pour into the hot pan. Once it sets a little, then drag an edge away from the pan and redistribute the liquid eggs to the hot surface. Reduce heat to low or medium low, cover and cook gently until the top is set (you might need to flip it over). Put onto a plate and cut into sandwich sized pieces.

Toast 4 slices of sandwich bread, multigrain bread or your favorite hoagie.

Assemble the sandwich with:
spinach or lettuce
thinly sliced cucumber
thinly sliced tomato
basil leaves
Goat cheese clumps
Avocado slices

I like to wrap my sandwiches with wax paper and secure with a rubber band or two.

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