Sunflower Microgreens

I realized that even in the rainy winter of Oregon, I can still grow my own salad.  I've had a hard time with lettuce during the winter (I just don't do much outside in the rain, even with row covers).  But you can grow sprouts indoors next to a window easily.
Honestly not sure whether to call these Microgreens, Sprouts or Greens. They are the miniature sunflower plants. If you let 'em grow long enough they'd make flowers.

They are quite delicious and have a nice snap/crunch as well as sweetnees.  And they seem to hold up better than more delicate sprouts like alfalfa, broccoli or clover.

To top it off, the seeds are CHEAP. You can buy sunflower seeds (the ones in the shells) in bulk for 50 cents a pound or less.  Compare that to trying to buy broccoli seeds (harder to get in stores, sometimes have to buy online and several dollars and up per pound).

Equipment tips: I found an indoor gardening/hydroponics place that sells these trays and lids.  You can also order online. The tray is two parts, the inner part has holes for drainage.  I bought super tall (7") plastic dome lids which I like a lot. I paid less than $10 for each tray/lid. I also use these for starting greens or seeds for the garden. 

You can try this in a large pyrex cake pan, but the lid is really helpful in reducing the amount of work (watering) required. So you might consider wrapping the top of the pan with plastic wrap to keep in the moisture.

Growing Method:
1. Soak 1/2 cup of sunflower seeds (or 1 cup for a whole tray) in water overnight.
2. Drain the water off
3. Layer 1" of soil in tray. Pour and spread the seeds evenly over the top. Cover with a sheet of newspaper or unbleached paper towels.
4. Water generously and let drain.
5. Cover with the lid and set aside.
6. A few days later check on the seeds. When they are pushing the towel/newspaper up, then remove the newspaper. If it needs water, give it a little more water (with the lid on I never need to add water). Recover with lid.   Let the sprouts grow until 3-6 inches long.
7. Harvest by cutting close to the soil with scissors.  Wash.  Enjoy!

Note: in this photo I did a whole tray. That was way too much at once! Next time I'll do half or quarter this size.

How to enjoy Sunflower Greens/Microgreens:

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