Beef Avocado fusion maki Sushi

This is fusion sushi- like a salmon avocado roll but with leftover cooked beef! Yes for someone accustomed to eating "real" sushi it is strange but very delicious.  You could serve this to folks who don't like fish (as long as they're ok with seaweed) and get them used to sushi rice and nori with fillings.

Make sushi rice.

Slice avocado into thin strips.

Shred cooked beef with two forks. I used leftover slow cooker beef chuck/stew meat that I had simply plopped the cut chunks into the slow cooker with salt and pepper and cooked on low for 5 hours.

Place nori on sushi mat. Spread sushi rice, then top with a thin row of beef and avocado, optional spicy sprouts like mustard sprouts. Roll up the sushi (See this post with photos of the layout of the rice on the nori). Use a little dab of water to seal the roll tighly, then slice into bite sizes.

Serve with soy sauce.

Would be good with side salad of cucumber and wakame, miso soup, or daikon salad

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