Nori Veggie Wraps

This is a great way to eat tons of veggies, esepcially when you are tired of salads.  Lots of veggies, even winter veggies (cabbage, daikon) and good nutrients from the nori seaweed as well. Just keep in mind you have to eat this immediately- not something you can pack in a lunch box b/c the nori will get soggy.

Majority of prep time is cutting the veggies. I recommend a mandolin slicer or other Japanese slicing gadgets.  The end result is very dependent on how you cut the veggies. Cutting them into small pieces makes a big difference in how easy it is to eat.  I've had this 2 or 3 times in the last week!

Using a mandolin slicer, cut veggies into tiny pieces. See photo for ideas.
daikon radish
red or green cabbage
bell pepper
grated carrot
scallion, negi or green onion

Toast one sheet of nori over gas flame (30 seconds).

Lay lettuce over the nori. Then top with thin sliced veggies. 

Roll up and eat burrito style, dipping in high quality tamari or soy sauce as you eat.

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