Purple Potato Parathas

This is a great end of summer recipe when potatoes and chiles are abundant at the farmer's market. 
I used my old recipe for potato-stuffed parathas, but used purple potatoes. Parathas are a stuffed whole wheat flat bread. And I adore them.

These are great plane food and if you felt like going to the trouble, would go over well at a party.  I like that they are more than just bread, but very contained and snackable. And nothing liquid-y so I imagine they'd be great going through air travel.

And obviously they'd be great scooping up dal or curry, or with chutney on top.

Couple notes on using paratha recipe:
  • Make a double batch of dough because I usually have more filling than dough left over.  For me this made 9 parathas (sizes from 5-8" diameter)
  • Use a heavy cast iron pan.  Even my heavy stainless steel pan didn't do a great job-- it had hot spots and started to burn the parathas.  The cast iron did it flawlessly, although you've got to let cast iron heat up for a while. 
  • Turn on the exhaust/fan right away. Since you're dry cooking these over high heat they will smoke a little. 
  • Use waxed paper between the wet parathas before cooking, otherwise they will stick to each other.
  • I made up the parathas and stuck them in the fridge and cooked them later in the day. This made it less of a chore.
  • Also had two pans going (really wish I had TWO cast iron pans lol!) which sped it up

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