Delicata Squash, Rosemary & Apple Saute

Delicata squash is quite tasty and cooks up much faster than other squash. And the skin is delicate so you don't have to peel it either.
For Two People:
Cut 1 delicata squash into roughly 3/4" cubes. (discard seeds)

Cut 1 apple into 1" cubes.

In a hot saute pan, add some olive oil, then the squash and 3 sprigs rosemary and a pinch of salt. Cook for 4-5 minutes on high until squash starts to turn golden in places.

Add the apple pieces, cook for 2 minutes until apple softens a little. Now add 1/4 C liquid (water or broth), and cover pan.

Cook for a couple minutes until it softens. Then take the lid off and let the liquid boil off, check for doneness. Taste for salt. Serve warm.

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