Kale/Swiss Chard Wheat Berry Salad with Raisins

This would be good for potlucks or packed lunches as it keeps well and actually improves as it sits in the dressing.  Use any leafy green like kale or swiss chard (mustard greens or similar greens from the farmer's market would do well).

Here's the general idea:
Cook 1 cup wheat berries (use slow cooker or pressure cooker or boil) and drain. Chill.

Finely chop leafy greens (kale, swiss chard, mustard greens etc) and toss in a vinaigrette:
lemon juice
white wine vinegar

Toss the chilled cooked wheat berries along with raisins (or dried currants etc) into the bowl with kale and dressing. Toss and serve, or refridgerate and serve later.

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