Tomato Basil Bacon Zucchini Pasta

Inspired by this post to try blanching the zucchini pasta, and to try bacon/tomato/basil as a topping.

I thought it would be good (really anything with bacon is good) but this was excellent.  It made it to the "Favorites List" immediately. And I think I could make it for guests (albeit with some strange looks but upon one taste I'm sure all would be pleased).

I love that this comes together quickly once the chopping/prep is done, and doesn't really heat up the house as it is all stove top- thus the perfect summer weeknight meal.

For two people, can double for more. 

Get a pot of water boiling with a teaspoon of salt

Slice 2 small zucchini into noodle strands (I use a gadget I bought in Japan that makes 1/8" by 1/8" noodles when you drag it along the zucchini).

Chop 1 large tomato (or a pint of cherry tomatoes) into chunks.

Slice large handful of basil into ribbons. 

Chop odds and ends of bacon (these are cheaper than full slices at the meat counter) into bit size pieces.  I'm approximating 2-4 oz of bacon?

Once the water is at or nearing a boil, start sauteing the bacon in a dry pan.  Cook until bacon is browned on both sides, nearly completed cooking.

Put zucchini strands into the boiling water and boil (blanch) for 2 minutes.

Add tomatoes and basil and cracked black pepper to the hot bacon pan- careful it will splatter. Stir around and get the chunks at the bottom of the pan to incorporate with the bacon-fat-tomato-juice liquids.

When zucchini noodles are done, drain in colander.

Scoop up bacon/tomato/basil mixture and plop over each portion of strained zucchini noodles. Serve immediately.

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