Eco Idea: DIY Organic Cotton Handkerchiefs

Normally don't write about non-food things here, but just couldn't resist after finishing this project! 

I've been working on  breaking my tissue habit- I have tissue boxes everywhere (4 around the house and one more in the car).  It creates so much waste in the tissue and the landfill-ness that it finally came to the top of my eco-ROI-list (yes the informal ongoing list in my head of tasks, sorted by their "eco-ROI", which is how much better for the environment they are divided by how much extra work it entails).

Buy 2 yards organic cotton knit fabric (should be $5-8 per yard or less- try to use coupons!). 

Cut fabric into 9.5" squares (a rotary cutter and cutting mat helps!)

Serge the edges, rounding corners so you have just one end of serger thread hanging out.  

I used matching white thread, but you could go fancy and use blue or metallic thread or whatever- just don't pick colors that look like snot or that are rough on skin.

Make enough to keep a stack of 5+ at each place you normally keep a tissue box.

Optional: make boxes to hold the folded handkercheifs, or make boxes with another compartment for the used/dirty tissues. This is next up on my list.

Wash: throw in the wash with like colors. I don't worry about doing these in a separate load or on hot unless someone had a really nasty cold :)

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