Bread Pudding Master Recipe

Bread pudding is so simple to make and economical because it uses up old/stale bread.  You can prep it ahead of time- it does well after sitting (unlike cakes or muffins that need to be baked right away in order to take advantage of the whipped eggs or baking powder/soda).

Ratio to remember: 2 eggs per 1 cup milk/non dairy milk

Bread Pudding Master Recipe: 

Combine liquids:
2 eggs
1 C milk/cream/buttermilk, non dairy milk (rice milk, almond milk, hemp milk etc.)
1/4 C (or more) sweetener (honey, maple syrup, agave, sugar etc.) 
1/8 tea salt
1 tea vanilla extract

Pour over 3-4 C cubed bread (stale is fine, try whole wheat bread, challah, sourdough, baguette, bagels etc.) in a pan that holds the bread.

Optional: add your favorite add-ins. Examples: raisins, chocolate chips or chunks of chocolate, finely chopped nuts, cinnamon, berries, diced apples, etc.

Let the bread soak up the liquid and stir every couple minutes.

Bake at 350 for approx 25-35 minutes or until set- you want custardy at the bottom and slightly crispy/browned on top.

Serve as is, or with whipped cream, drizzle of honey/maple syrup, scoop of ice cream or fresh berries.

  • Cinnamon Raisin bagels+ extra raisins + extra cinnamon
  • Chocolate milk + chocolate chips + almond extract
  • Diced apples + cinnamon + walnut chunks

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