Quick Blender Green Juice

When I have the time to get out the juicer, and clean it afterward, I make green juice in the juicer.  The rest of the time, I use the blender! Much faster clean up when using the blender of course.

The blender yields a more fibrous juice, little more like a smoothie.  But the fiber is an important part of vegetables' cancer-fighting arsenal.  And if I get a tablespoon of really fibery stuff in the bottom of my glass I just throw it out. Removing the kale stems/stalks, and skimming the foam off with a spoon both help to remove some of the extra fiber :).

My favorite kale is Tuscan/Lacinato/Dinosaur kale.  As with any juice, the fresher the better, so don't let this sit around-- drink right away or within a couple hours.

Tear off leaves from kale stems. Discard stems.

Push 1-2 C kale leaves into blender.  Add 1-2 C water.  Blend thoroughly on high.

Pour into drinking cups.  I use a spoon to skim most of the foam off and discard it.

Optionally add a squeeze of lemon juice.


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