Favorite Light Salad Vinaigrette; Edible Flowers Salad

This is so simple, and so good! I use this when I've got a light salad and don't want to discolor it with balsamic dressing.

Shake in a canning jar until emulsified. It will become sparkly in the light once the oil and vinegar are combined.
  • White Wine Vinegar (the good stuff, not plain old distilled)
  • Hazelnut oil (or other good quality nut oil)
  • Pinch Salt

I used this dressing on greens from my garden, topped with pear slices, crumbly gorgonzola (a new kind of gorgonzola that reminds me of feta!) and edible flowers (chive blossoms and the yellow flowers from mizuna greens that are going to seed).

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