Falafel Salad with Tali Sauce and Zatar Seasoning

This is a surprisingly good change of pace from the usual salad (i.e. the ranchy/ceasary/vinegrette-y dressing kind). The carrots and red onion are a little sweet and the whole thing is really refreshing. This is a little different take on this salad with chickpeas and tali sauce.

Use Tali Sauce for the dressing. I make mine in big batches, then freeze in ice cube trays- so I can defrost a couple cubes for this salad.

Salad Ingredients:
Lettuce greens
grated carrot
cubed cucumber
sliced red onion
chopped flat leaf parsley
Falafel (make your own or purchase at costco or a middle eastern store)

Top with zatar seasoning (sumac, thyme, white sesame seeds, salt).  I got my jar from Penzey's and it is quite delicious. I've recently become fond of topping salads with dried herbs- helps add another layer to the salad.

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