No-Cook Tabouleh

I'm really liking the blog NoRecipes. Tried out his Tabouleh and have decided it is irresistable!

Great for potlucks, picnics or lunch boxes as it seems to get better with age and isn't really temperature sensitive. I like that while being a cold salad, it has some heartiness from the grain, so it is a little more filling than a green salad.

The idea is you soak bulgur wheat (which is super cheap in the bulk bins!) in a lemon/olive oil dressing for a while. Then toss with liberal amounts of cukes, parsley, cherry tomatoes and voila!

Followed this recipe, but had to let the bulgur wheat sit longer in the dressing before it fully puffed up- probably overnight would be good next time. Note that you don't have to boil the bulgur or combine it with water.

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