Best Fritata ever (or Mexican Omu-raisu)

Flipped this fritata over leftover Mexican green rice and cotjia cheese and it was heavenly. Total flashbacks of Japanese Omu-raisu (omlette wrapped around rice, usually with tons of ketchup) but in a good way.

The credit for cooking the egg goes to Chris- nice job!

Gently fry 1 C mushroom slices in butter. Pour the mushrooms out of the pan. Combine with 4 beaten raw eggs in a bowl or pyrex measuring cup.

Add chopped parsley, 1/4 - 1/2 tea salt and optional roasted chiles (if your rice is spicy then leave it out) to the raw egg.

Reheat the pan, add some more butter. Pour the egg mixture in, covering bottom of pan. Cover and let cook on med low for 2 minutes.

Carefully check the underside of the egg. You want the top to be slightly firming up -- just not liquidy.

Using multiple spatulas flip the fritata over, cook on the opposite side for 30 sec.

Plop out the fritata on top of rice. Enjoy!

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