Summer Salad Rolls with Mango

I love salad rolls, so I thought I'd try out a new recipe that includes mangoes!

Get a kettle going with water. When it is ready, you will fill a shallow pan (like a pie pan) with the hot water and use to moisten the rice wrappers.

Dipping sauce:
the recipe I followed called for a vinegar & peanut dipping sauce, which was ok but clearly lacking something. I will keep working on a better "light" summery dipping sauce... for now use your favorite dipping sauce, or simply combine soy sauce and mirin!

Prepare the fillings:
mango slices
bean sprouts
thinly sliced green onion
cilantro or chives
(medium firmness)- cut into matchsticks
yellow or red bell pepper
chopped peanuts

In a moistened rice paper wrapper, add about 1 C total of various fillings. Carefully roll the rice wrapper around the fillings, burrito style, stretching slightly to ensure the rice paper sticks. Set aside for a couple minutes before serving to firm up.

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