Raw Zuchini Marinara Pasta

Surprisingly for someone who is not big on zuchini, these noodles taste better than brown rice pasta or whole wheat pastas, without all the calories and refined flours! And this version is much more filling than normal pasta. Inspired by this recipe. This is a great summer "pasta" that won't heat up the kitchen!

Prepare the zuchini noodles by cutting them into small fettuccine like shapes. I used a small hand held julienne slicer, but I've seen it done with a "spiral slicer", mandolins or even with a vegetable peeler. Set aside "noodles".

Raw marinara sauce
Blend in a food processor until sauce-like:
4-6 tomatoes (depends on size)
up to 1/4 C sundried tomatoes
basil (couple leaves)
onion powder to taste
salt to taste

Compile the "noodles" and top generously with sauce and pine nuts.

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