Thanksgiving 2009

I finally have clearance to do Thanksgiving this year!! Here is my tentative menu so far (trying to keep it "traditional" this year):

apple/cheese appetizer plate: granny smith, fuji apples, with blue cheese, extra sharp white cheddar, gorgonzola/brie, "fromage fort" cheese spread. Willamete Valley Cheese Company's "perrydale" cheese

Side Dishes
mushroom risotto with wild rice and Parmesan-Reggiano cheese: use rehydrated shiiatkes, cut up some cremini mushrooms, use white wine (sauvingon blanc) and broth for liquid, wild/brown rice mixture and pressure cook

spinach, goat cheese crumbles, sliced organic gala apples and maple/cinnamon dressing
greens (mizuna, watercress, mesculun), almonds, raspberry vinaigrette

roasted butternut squash slices with goat cheese/herb dressing

Brined, rubbed, roasted turkey from Diestel Farms. According to this site, you need about 1.5 lbs of raw turkey (with the bone) per person.

Silky pumpkin & coconut milk panna cotta

Champagne/sparkling wine: WinCo sells "Ballatore gran spumante" for $5 or less a bottle

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