Thai Beef Salad

I'm a fan of finding a way to jazz up salads, and eating less meat and more veggies. This is a fun salad to add to my winter rotation. 

I used top round steak ($6 /lb) instead of fancy steak cuts and it turned out great. You'll be cutting it in thin strips so it doesn't have to be expensive.


Make marinade/dressing:
3 TB lime juice
2 tsp sugar
1 TB fish sauce
1 TB soy sauce
pinch of sriracha or chilies

Using a TB of the marinade, briefly marinate a pound or less of beef (less than 20 minutes). See notes at top.

Place marinated beef on broiler tray. Broil (i.e. 500F ) for 4-7 minutes each side until still rare but cooked through. Let rest to redistribute juices. Slice thinly and refrigerate.

Prep the veggies:
Clean, dry and roughly chop leafy lettuce
Shred cucumber (I use a julienne slicer to do this quickly- I really like the noodle-y texture it creates)
Slice avocado
Chop cilantro

Toss salad greens with reserved marinade (the liquid that never touched the meat). 

Assemble salad on a plate with the cucumber, avocado.  Add the cooked beef slices.

Sprinkle with the cilantro and some Thai basil. Enjoy!

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