Cooked Chicken Breast strips for the Freezer

I guess buying already cooked chicken breasts is becoming a thing these days?

I don't eat much meat but wanted some chicken on hand to top on my hubby's salads. I often do a salad for the two of us, and mine is topped with beans and his with meat.  This way I can pop some out of the freezer and warm it up just like I do with my frozen cooked black beans.

Brining is the secret to getting juicy and flavorful chicken breasts. If you just cook them plain they are kinda blah.  But the brine makes them taste like a restaurant cooked it, which in this case is a good thing.

UPDATE on 3/4/2014: I further reduced the salt and sugar in the brine. Skinless chicken breasts really soak it up (as compared to a whole chicken with the skin on). These new proportions are just right, and still allow for a little salt in the sauce or other ingredients paired with the chicken.

Pound chicken breasts with a meat mallet until they are even thickness.  This helps them cook evenly without getting overcooked in spots.

Marinate in a brine of salt and sugar water for 4 hours or overnight. I started with my standard brine for whole chickens which was much too strong and too salty.  So try this instead:
2 cups water
1 TB kosher salt
1/2 TB sugar

Cook.  I broiled the brined chicken breasts on a broiling tray in the oven - flipping over once and checking frequently to avoid overcooking (we check by slicing into thick part of chicken with a clean knife and looking at the color). You could alternatively grill these.


Put in a freezer bag, seal and freeze.

Enjoy by warming up in microwave, then using on salad, in sandwiches, burritos or on top of rice with teriyaki sauce. It's great for making up quick work or school lunches.

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