DIY Yogurt in dehydrator

I referenced several recipes for how to make yogurt. Why make yogurt?  Store bought yogurt is very expensive compared to making it at home. If/when we have a good dairy source (either when we have a goat or cow of our own or live near one) then I'd consider using yogurt as a way to use up, enjoy and extend the shelf life of milk. Hell I'd even start making butter (or at least try) if I had abundant good dairy.

Result: a slightly runny with clumps texture- not perfect- but it was delicious.  Blended with blackberries it made a fabulous milkshake!! On the left is the one where I added honey and vanilla bean. On the right was plain and it firmed up a bit better, you can see the whey liquid at the top (which went into muffin batter).

Basic Method:
Basic idea is to sterilize jars. Heat and cool milk to speicifc temperatures.  Mix cooled milk with some starter yogurt (I used Nancy's plain yogurt which has active cultures and is a local favorite). Then you let it ferment at 105-110 F for a few hours.

I used 1/2 gallon of milk which made a little more than 2 quarts of yogurt.  In each quart of milk went 1/4 C plain starter yogurt.  I tried adding honey and vanilla bean to one jar but it just got really runny... so maybe you add the sweetener after it ferments?

I capped the jars and put them in my dehydrator. Next time I'd put it at 105 instead of 110 to try for a better texture.  I took them out at 4 hours, but I think they could have gone longer to get a firmer texture.

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