Raw Vegan "Roasted" Tomatoes

I"m a fan of roasted tomatoes. The roasting brings out their sweetness. But tending to the oven for more than 10 minutes in the summer? Blech.

So I tried an experiment and tossed these guys in the dehydrator. Result: not quite as caramelized as oven-roasted but still very good and cravable. And the best part is I can prep this in the morning and have lunch waiting for me.

Wash and slice tomatoes (preferably roma) in half
Place on telfex sheet on dehydrator tray
Drizzle with
olive oil and sea salt
Dehydrate at 110 or 115F for at least two hours.  (I did just 2 hours today but I wonder how much better they'd be at 4 hours?)

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