Fennel Apple Salad

Spotted some fresh fennel at the farmers market and decided it was time I learned how to cook with it. I've had roasted fennel at the work cafeteria before and it is delicious. But I hate putting the oven on for that long at high temps just for a small bit for the 2 of us. So salad it was!

Many blogs are doing the fennel apple combo, and rightly so. Somehow the apple brings out the best in the fennel. This was very refreshing-- would be great for a picnic, potluck or summery meal or side.

 Cut off the root stem of the fennel and the stalks with the fronds on it. I used a veggie peeler to take off the rough/discolored bits on the outside of the bulb- not sure how necessary that was. 

Use a mandolin slicer to thinly shave the fennel bulb. Thin is the operative word here- it helps make the fennel and apple mix well.

Also thinly slice the apple on the mandolin as well. I quartered the apple slices. Red peeled apple looked really nice but you could use green.

Make a vinaigrette of olive oil (or other delicate nut oil), lemon juice (or white wine vinegar) and a touch of salt.  Toss that with the apple, fennel shavings along with some of the chopped fennel fronds.

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