Vanilla "birds eye custard"

C grew up on english food and fancied bird's eye custard. They sell the powder for making it but really it's just cornstarch sugar and flavoring. So I figured I should make it from scratch instead. Modified a pastry cream recipe and it turned out well!

Store the leftovers in small canning jars with lids in the fridge for easy lunch/dessert picnic packing.

The eggs (egg yolk only or egg yolk+white) is flexible as is the type of dairy (whole milk, half and half, cream etc.)

Warm over medium heat until simmering, stirring occasionally:
2 C half & half or whole milk (preferably organic)
4-6 TB sugar or vanilla sugar
pinch of salt
vanilla bean- scrape out the seeds into the milk

In a mixing bowl, combine with a whisk:
3 eggs (or 3-5 egg yolks)
2 TB sugar or vanilla sugar
3 TB cornstarch

Once the milk on the stove is hot but not boiling, temper the eggs in mixing bowl by pouring a little bit of hte hot milk in and stirring/whisking.  Slowly incorporate, then pour it all back into the pan on the stove.

Stir constantly over medium heat until thickens, making sure to scrape the bottom of the pan to prevent scorching or clumpoing.

Let cool or eat warm.

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