Pressure-Steamed Sage-Scented Delicata Sqaush

I've been enjoying my new pressure cooker, especially now that we are into the hard vegetables (potato, squash, sweet potato, carrot etc.).

This cooks up fast and is simple yet beautiful. C who doesn't even like squash, decided he liked this. 

It has a heavenly scent and slight taste of sage infused in it from the pressure cooking.  Reminds me of macrobiotic or Japanese cooking as it is simple and has clean flavors.

The photo is nothing special- I nearly forgot to take a photo until I was on my last couple bites!

Serves 2-3

Cut a delicata squash in half, discarding top and end pieces and seeds.  Cut into 1/4" half-moon slices.

Layer delicata squash slices over steamer or trivet in pressure cooker filled with 1/2 C water.  Top with a bunch of sage leaves.

Close lid. bring up to pressure and cook under pressure for 3 minutes. Release pressure. Discard sage leaves.

Serve hot with a dab of cultured butter and a sprinkling of salt.

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