Barley, Oat Groat & Millet Porrigde (slow cooker)

Tried this from "Grain mains" cookbook (which has some great looking recipes!).  However the author must have had a much older crockpot/slow cooker as 9-10 hours was too long for my cooker. Next time I will try 4 hours on low, and it may need a max of 6 hours I'm guessing.

This is a nice change of pace from the normal steel cut oats, granola and chia oats routine. 

Throw in slow cooker:
1 C oat groats
1/2 C barley
1/4 C millet

3 C water
3 C non dairy milk
6 medjool dates, chopped
2-3" of cinnamon stick

Stick on LOW for 4-6 hours for a newer model slow cooker, or the book said 9-10 hours (probably for old 1980's slow cookers). Next time I will set it up (potentially sans the non-dairy milk) and hook up an appliance timer so that it turns on the slow cooker 4 or 5 hours prior to my wake up time.

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