Easy Summer Salads with White Wine Vinegar/Greek Salad

This is great when the weather is hot, and the farmer's market has perfect cucumbers and tomatoes in season.  Make it vegan by omitting the feta cheese. I have made multiple variations off this theme- tomatoes + white wine vinegar seems to be quite a winner!

Assemble in a bowl:
cucumber, cut rangiri style into bite size wedges
heirloom tomato, cut into wedges
red onion, cut into large dice
kalamata olives, sliced in half
optional: roasted garlic
optional: feta cheese 

Drizzle a dressing of the following over the veggies:
wine vinegar (white wine or red wine)
coarse sea salt

  • Simplify to just tomatoes, cucumbers, the dressing and torn bazil
  • Make it Mexican with cilantro and corn (raw, cut off the cob), a squeeze of lime and optional avocado chunks

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