Salmon Broth (what to do with the trimings when you buy whole salmon)

New Seasons was running a special for whole wild keta salmon at $4.99 a pound!  Previously scared at the concept of buying a whole fish (?!!) I decided to take the plunge. And it was worth it. 

Usually places will fillet it for you on the spot.  And then you get the extras/trimmings for free.  And the price per pound is usually lower than the fillets sitting there.

The trimmings I got included the salmon "cheeks" (meaty pieces with fin attached from right behind the head) as well as the spine and the meat around the spine.

I threw the salmon trimmings into pressure cooker pot with the usual stock making companions: onion, celery, parsley, black pepper corn, bay leaves.  I had a corn cob and husk laying around (and had read about making corn stock) so I threw that in there too. Added water.

Sealed the pressure cooker and brought it up to pressure. Then reduce hte heat, maintain pressure and cook for 10-20 minutes. Let the pressure come down, then strain.

The little bits of meat left in the pot made excellent dog treats.

And the stock made really good salmon soup!!

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