Vegan Vietnamese Peanut Sauce with Tamarind

This is a lightened-up (and simpler!) version of an old favorite peanut sauce. I can't stand all those recipes out there that use plum or hoisin sauce- really easier and tastier to use tamarind! This version is vegan because there's no fish sauce. 

Chop 3/4 C raw peanuts in food processor until fine but not peanut butter.

Saute 3-4 minced cloves garlic in 1 tea olive oil until just fragrant. Add the chopped peanuts, and stir, cooking over medium-low heat for 3 minutes to release peanut scent.

Add and stir over medium high heat until it thickens, about 5 minutes:
1/2 C lite coconut milk
2 TB tamarind extract/paste
2 TB coconut or palm sugar
1 tea red chili pepper flakes

Remove from heat, store in small containers and use with your favorite salad roll, noodle or salad dishes. 

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