Rotisserie Chicken Banh Mi Sandwich

Inspired by Mindy's post about composing Banh Mi sandwiches, I took a stab at it. Surprisingly simple to make, it's a hearty and filling sandwich.


Using veggie peeler, peel the carrot and part of the daikon into thin strips.  Cut into slices.  Mix 1 TB rice vinegar (komezu) with a pinch of salt and a 1/4 tea agave or sugar. Marinate the carrot and daikon in the vinegar mix for 15-30 minutes. 

Toast 2 sliced baguettes, hoagie rolls or hoagie-style hot dog buns.

Shred leftover rotisserie chicken into a microwave safe bowl.  Dab 1 tea thai curry paste or any other spicy mixture of your choosing along with a drop of agave to balance the hotness of the curry paste. Mix together with chicken, microwave until warmed through.

In the toasted buns, layer:
  • mayonnaise
  • chopped jalapeno pepper
  • warmed curry chicken (see above)
  • thin sliced cucumber
  • carrot-daikon pickle
  • lettuce
  • cilantro sprigs
Wrap up and enjoy! A good accompaniment is sugar snap peas.

Vegan Variation: replace the chicken with marinated tofu, seitan, or marinated mushrooms. Swap out mayo for vegan mayo.

Update: you can also use hamburger buns or mini-slider buns! Here are the slider versions, using leftover tandoori grilled chicken thighs:

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